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CES 2024: EW2Health Press Release is live!

Counting down for CES 2024, we've published our press release! Read the article below. For more EW2Health @ CES 2024, watch the aftermovie.


CES 2024: AI-Powered Weight Loss Takes Center Stage as EW2Health Unveils Game-Changing Sinque Technology Sinque trial saw quadruple retention rate, 10% weight loss, and BMI reduction for 25% of participants within six months

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS – JANUARY 5, 2024 - EW2Health (Easy Way to Health), a technology company developing innovative, friendly, data-driven solutions for health professionals, today announced plans to showcase Sinque™, its patented behavioral analytics and monitoring solution for weight loss, at CES 2024. EW2Health will demonstrate Sinque as part of the NL Tech Pavilion in Eureka Park, Booth 62100 at the Venetian Expo, from January 9–12, 2024. Additionally, EW2Health will pitch on the CES Startup Stage on Wednesday, January 10, 2–4 p.m., after winning one of the eight coveted pitch spots among more than 50 competing startups. Watch the video below to learn more about Sinque.

How Sinque Works

Sinque benefits weight loss professionals, corporate wellness, health insurance, preventive medicine, and health innovators. The Sinque patented algorithm uses predictive behavioral analytics to learn a user’s weight fluctuation patterns and predict their ‘true’ weight trend. Health professionals use the Sinque technology dashboard to assess individual and group metrics and to gauge adherence, weight trends and weight loss results. They see quickly who is on track and who needs more attention, eliminating blind spots between appointments. For the first time, professionals can provide truly personalized healthcare in the form of proactive, tailored support based on data and individual needs.

"Sinque trials demonstrate that combining AI-driven data for health professionals with stress-free user monitoring significantly lowers dropout rates, improves results, and reduces health professionals' management time."

“An individual’s weight naturally fluctuates up to 6.6 pounds (3 kilos) per day — from hydration, medication, time of day, and dozens of other causes — which routinely leads people to draw the wrong conclusions from the scale,” said EW2Health’s CTO and founder Renato Romani, M.D. “This is a main cause of the 80% attrition rate we see in weight loss programs. Conversely, Sinque users see their accurate weight trend, receive proactive support from their health professional, and are excited and empowered to stay on track."

Benefits of Sinque include:

  • Stress-free, numberless monitoring, with weight trend that motivates adherence;

  • Data-driven, proactive, personalized support, even between appointments;

  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), reduced management time and increased program efficiency.

“The results of our trials are groundbreaking,” added J’Amy Stewart, EW2Health CEO and co-founder. “In a recent six-month workplace wellness pilot program with the largest corporation in South America, 25% of participants reduced their BMI, 10% lost ≥10% of their body weight, and the program had an 89% retention rate — more than quadruple the industry average. This is a game-changer for long-term weight loss results, especially in tandem with new obesity drugs like Ozempic and Mounjaro.”

Interested media, industry partners and investors are invited to contact to set up a meeting in Las Vegas at CES 2024, January 9–12, 2024. Access the press kit here.

About EW2Health

EW2Health BV is a pioneering Dutch technology startup with friendly, data-driven solutions that enable personalized health using AI-based predictive behavioral analytics. EW2Health’s first goal is to reverse the global obesity epidemic and significantly reduce associated healthcare costs through effective personalized healthcare. Founded in 2018, EW2Health is a privately held company headquartered in The Hague. Follow EW2Health on LinkedIn or learn more at


Media Contacts:

J’Amy Stewart

CEO and co-founder

+1-415-513-8783 (USA) or +31-6-2513-1198 (EU)

Renato Romani, M.D. CTO and founder +31-6-1248-3753 (EU)



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