Our predictive and personalized consumer health solutions stimulate people's proactiveness towards better health


On our start, in Brazil and The Netherlands,  five clients that offer health related services to 900.000 employees

Medical science and A.I. to prevent obesity and improve health prevention programs outcome 

Weight is correlated with important diseases. In 2008, CDC research revealed a US healthcare cost of US$ 150 billion associated with obesity.

Today, on average, 55% of the workforce* needs to lose weight. In the US, obese adults spend 42 percent more on direct healthcare costs than adults who are a healthy weight.
It makes it easy to understand why workplace wellness is a US$ 8.1 billion industry.

* in the countries that we piloted or tested our solution, Brazil, USA, UK and The Netherlands

It's about tomorrow

Sinque is a unique weight monitoring process that predicts users' future weight range and offers tailored opportunities to improve weight loss results.



Data driven

“I started to use sinque after the explanation of my personal trainer. I like the idea to know my body weight in two weeks what makes me focus on my habits today. It is very motivating to see the needle changing to weight loss trend.”

Client - Personal Trainer

User: Rita Frazão, São Paulo, Brazil

“I show sinque to clients that I know could use the extra awareness of their own behavior. As soon as they hear about sinque they get really excited to use it immediately! One almost couldn’t believe it was real!”

Client - Dietician: Alisha Almaz

Den Haag, The Netherlands

“Using this new tool in a three month pilot we could realize an important difference when analyzing our results. Using numbers we had 23 of the 32 participants losing weight, using weight range we could say that just 6 people really lost weight. Therefore, a must have tool for a sustainable weight loss program. ”

Client – Workplace Wellness: SESI

Program coordinator, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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