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Easy Way 2 Personalized Health

Patented AI-driven predictive behavioral analytics for modern, personalized therapeutics

2+ billion people globally are obese and overweight
We start here.

Weight loss program adherence and retention are low

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  • Disappointment with results

  • GLP-1 side effects

  • Lack of personalization

Results in reduced motivation and dropouts

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The Sinque™ Cycle

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Sinque's patented AI learns each user's natural weight fluctuation pattern

Changes in behavior are seen in these patterns: medicine, diet, exercise, sleep, to name a few. With our cutting edge analytics, we predict a user's weight trend for 2 weeks into the future.

Users track their progress with numberless, stress-free monitoring

Instead of confusing numbers, users see their friendly weight trend. This stress-free approach eliminates the fear of the scale and empowers users to monitor their progress.

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Proactive, informed decisions to personalize programs

Using the dashboard, health professionals see who's adhering to the program and who needs extra support. They can handle more clients while increasing efficiency. This removes blind spots between appointments, reduces management time, increases adherence and retention. 

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Data-driven approach enables highly personalized treatment. Optimize treatment plans and clinic efficiency to improve patient adherence, retention and results 5 times.

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Sinque Works!

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5x better results

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Users measure
3.8 times per week

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20%  -> 80%+ retention

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Simplifying personalized programs

Sinque enhances the effectiveness of weight loss programs, including GLP-1

Our advanced data analytics provide a deeper understanding of users' progress, enabling proactive, personalized treatment interventions and enhancing program adherence.



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AI agents for GLP-1 symptoms, recipes & grocery lists, lifestyle metrics

With AI agents and other health monitoring devices, we integrate and simplify health metrics important to personalizing treatments.

Clients see results

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Sinque is an innovative tool that allows for even more personalized
treatment to achieve optimal results. It complements the suite of tools
we already use, supports remote monitoring of our patients,
and enables us to expand our business beyond our physical locations.

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- Bert Stelder, MD, and Mia Hendriks, RN, Healthy Weight Clinics

Where science meets business

Improving weight loss program
value proposition

Create tailored programs programs and benefit from monthly recurring revenue. Reduce management time and increase adherence and retention while changing from appointment-based structures, with no-shows and high dropout rates.


Connecting a data-driven ecosystem

EW2Health connects large health channels to a network of certified health professionals trained in using data to personalize programs.

  • Hospitals

  • Corporate wellness

  • Health insurance

  • Municipalities

  • Weight loss clinics

  • Dietitian clinics

  • Nutritionists

  • Medical doctors

Large health channels

Certified network  
of health professionals

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Renato Romani MD MBA, Founder EW2Health

Our purpose is to make people healthier, happier, and more active by removing barriers and making healthy living enjoyable. We are
dedicated to supporting people in sustainably improving their well-being.

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Join the game changers using our solution

Weight loss is a long journey that needs to be personalized

Want to see how it works? Let's connect!

The Netherlands | USA | Brazil
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