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About Us

Our purpose is to make people healthier, happier and more active.

Our passion is to help people in their quest to improve their health, removing barriers, making it fun and supportive, and helping people sustainably adhere to healthy living strategies.


Renato's Story

My whole life I've been fascinated by health, science, behavior, data, and  fun. A healthy lifestyle is important to live a happy, long life, and I want to help people who are ready to make this change. It is not an easy journey, but when you get there, it is so satisfying and the view is amazing. 


I started with weight, as unhealthy weight can lead to many diseases, as well as physical mobility issues. My goal was to find a solution made for obese/overweight people — not for fitness people — to sustainably change their behavior and improve their health. It needed to be fun and motivating, while based on medical, behavior and data science. 

As I began working on the weight fluctuation algorithm and data analysis, I needed some real data to work with, so I asked friends to help me. I remember a call with a friend, who promptly said "Yes, I'll help! What do I need to do, Renato?" And I said, "Well, you just need to step on the scale 4 times a week." This friend immediately stopped me and said, "I need to see my weight four times a week?!? You will need someone else to help you." 

From this "aha!" moment, Sinque became a full solution that offers numberless monitors (aka scales) and an algorithm that learns your weight fluctuation and forecasts your weight trend. 

This was the beginning to what is now EW2Health. Now J'Amy has joined, bringing her passion for health, fitness and data, and experience building strong teams and with international business. All on our team have the same passion to help people sustainably improve their health in a fun, motivating way, based on science, and providing data to health providers who are helping them reach their health goals.

Meet The Team

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