EW2Health B.V.
"Easy Way to Health"
Brazil   |   USA   |   The Netherlands

Connecting healthcare with fitness and wellness by empowering people to have a healthier lifestyle.

  • Our proprietary A.I. algorithm learns the weight fluctuation of our users to forecast their weight range two weeks in advance. A “simple” fact that increases the adherence to weight loss programs in 35%.

  • Our exclusive weight monitors that do not show numbers use a BLE 4.0 protocol (don’t need to pair), facilitating the connection with our mobile app. Users can measure weight at any time, even wearing clothes.

  • Our cloud computing services allow health prevention programs to offer services and products to a specific population. It establishes a remote program using our personalized tools based on the individual weight forecast.

  • Our B.I. allows health professional and health prevention programs to know per BMI group the weight forecast revealing, in real-time, the impact of their weight loss program.

Sinque is a multi-sided platform 

It is the end of confrontation and anxiety with scales!
Our users monitor their future weight frequently and get personalized offers and solutions from our network of certified health professionals.
Personal trainers, dietitians, wellness coaches, fitness centers, health prevention programs create their group of users to establish a remote program with their clients quickly as well as to have an opportunity to announce their services to other users.
Our commercial monitor designed in The Netherlands and made in Brazil, is an example of our focus on scalability.
Their presence in offices, wellness centers, health clubs catches the eye and helps people monitor their weight more often. Scally is easy to assemble, simple to set up, robust and light to carry in a flat box.
Based in The Netherlands, we found the perfect environment to grow globally. Our presence in Brazil and in the US, largest markets, is a consolidation of our team work.

Our team and strategic partners

Together we are creating a new way to track people's health.

Renato Romani MD MBA

Founder and CEO

Medical doctor with specialization in sports medicine and medical informatics. MBA at the University of Minnesota and entrepreneur training  at the University of Wisconsin. Assistant prof. at Sao Paulo Federal University.  20+ year of experience, worked in a large healthcare company and as a founder and managing director of startups in Brazil.

Ary Silveira Bueno

COO - Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for sinque business in Brazil. Accountant, economist, independent auditor and post graduate in business and finance. Professor since 1988 and entrepreneur since 1992 when founded ASPR, offering corporate management services for domestic and foreign companies.

Kees Veldhuizen

Head of Digital Strategy

Responsible for outlining the companies digital strategy. Over 10 years experience in several digital innovation roles within large organizations like Heineken and Aegon and as a entrepreneur in startups. Industrial Engineering and Management - University of Twente. Specialization: IT.

Bruno Henrique Mansano

Head of Marketing

Responsible for all marketing and communications materials, support on sales and implementation. 13 years managing I.T. and marketing professionals, digital marketing projects and campaigns, Bruno believes Sinque can change people's lives and give a new perspective on Healthcare for companies.

Pedro Luiz da Cruz

Supply Chain Leader

Defining contracts with manufacturer, dealing with logistic, homologating parts and components. Pos graduated in industrial management, with math and business degrees, Pedro uses his 35 years in scales manufacturing as a link between R&D and Manufacturers.

Simone Tolaine Massetto

Corporate Client Leader BR


Technical sales and customer service to sinque corporate clients in Brazil. 20+ years of experience as physical educator, exercise physiology specialist, master degree in physical education. Simone has long experience working with corporation’s health prevention programs in Brazil.

Fabio Ricardo Rocha

Ecosystem Manager BR


Teaching and supporting personal trainers and health professionals to obtain the most reliable weight loss results for their clients. 15+ years of experience as physical education focused on personalized training with international experience with outdoor education. 

Paulino Comunale Junior

Public Relations Manager BR

Paulino crafts contents for external press relations and social media strategies consolidating and building up our brand and solutions in Brazil.

30+ years of experience in international PR and Comm with high specialization in I.T., Telecom, Infrastructure, Business and startup sectors. 

Suzana Galego Vargas Fernandes

Business Associate BR 

Facilitating, solving and supporting COO, CEO and Controlling, areas in Brazil. Graduated in Executive Secretariat and post graduated in Marketing with more than 18+ years of experience

Sacha Kijzers

Communication Associate NL

Finding prospects and managing clients on our Dutch market. Sacha is a people-person who is motivated by seeing our users reach their weight goals without stress using Sinque. Communications & Multimedia Design at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Our strategic partners work closely with our team to motivate more people to get healthy

We are growing and the investment opportunity is open. Take a look at our pitch deck, see our projections, our revenue stream, our approach to The Netherlands health insurances and understand why, with just two workplace wellness customers, we can have $ 1.5 million in revenue by 2021.