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Workplace Wellness

Weight is related to many diseases and has a strong correlation with healthcare costs.
More than 60% of the American workers are obese or overweight. Inside of this group are the ones that have more risk to use healthcare system (pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and son on.) Therefore any workplace wellness program needs to offer a weight loss supportive program.
Our solution is easy to install, fun to use, simple to start and drives people to the first behavior change: monitor an important health parameter constantly.
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Using our mobile application, our users find the right weight loss pace, tracking their weight trend, while eliminating the resentment with numbers on a scale.
Therefore, our users frequently monitor their weight, which drives the first behavior change towards better health.
This allows us to offer unique reports about population's health in real-time!
Scally is our scales or "Weight Oscillation Monitor" to be installed in large traffic areas. This robust, numberless, wi-fi "weight oscillation monitor" offers an interaction with our users facilitating weight measurement,, displaying messages and, when used in an exercise environment,  revealing if the user is adequately hydrated.
Scally collaborates to attract more users to our population's health management solutions.
Challenges to change behavior
Our wellness challenge rewards behavior change.
Stepping on the scale regularly, keeping your weight trend on, and maintaining yourself on the right weight trend are the behaviors that will lead to weight loss for those seeking weight loss.
Losing weight sustainably requires users to make adjustments to their lifestyle.
Our solution is simple to install and easy to use tool.  It can be associated with any wellness program.
Through our mobile application companies can offer different wellness programs, gyms, sports, and other activities to tailored for their population.
Our tool identifies the impact of behavior change of our users, detecting if users are following a physical exercise program or changing diet.
Our reports reveal:
- The wellness program impact on a population behavior change (changes in the weight oscillation patters.)
- The population weight trend  (lose, gain or maintain weight.)
- The actual and the projection of population BMI.
Talk with us, learn more about our solution to reduce your costs and improve your results.
The frequent interaction of our users with our numberless WiFi scales and mobile application generates information that  motivates them to take actions towards a better health.