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Connecting healthcare with fitness and wellness by empowering people to have a healthier lifestyle.

No more numbers at the scale!

 The problem with tracking weight: individuals weight fluctuates daily, even hourly.
This makes it difficult to know if you are gaining, losing, or maintaining weight.
Our unique numberless weight management solution takes the frustration and guesswork out of the scales.
Our users track their weight trend what changes the weight track game allowing us to offer unique reports about a population's health.
Using our mobile application, our users find the right weight loss pace tracking their weight trend eliminating the resentment with numbers on scale.
Therefore, our users frequently monitor their weight, which drives the first behavior change towards better health.
What allows us to offer unique reports about population's health in real-time!
Scally is our scales or "Weight Oscillation Monitor" to be installed in large traffic areas. This robust, numberless, wi-fi "weight oscillation monitor" offers and interaction with our users facilitating weight measurement, offering messages and, when used in an exercise environment,  revealing if the user is adequately hydrated.
Scally collaborate to attract more users to our population's health management solutions.
Easy Way to Health developed specific products to Health & Fitness Clubs and Workplace Wellness.