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Predictive & "Stress free"

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We use Artificial Intelligence to bring optimism and hope to our users motivating them to continue their well-being journey. Instead of causing anxiety and frustration by confronting them with numbers, we reveal - in a friendly and supportive way - what will be the impact of behavior change on their health in a near future.


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Medical and non-medical health professionals use our predictive solutions to customize their remote programs improving adherence and increasing retention.

Data driven

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EW2Health online reports reveal program adherence, the impact on a population health, and contribute to health promotion programs' decision-making  by foreseeing the behavior change impact.

Reducing costs and improving health promotion programs results

Our solutions offer to health promotions programs the opportunity to monitor the impact of their investments and also to improve their efficiency by offering specialized network of fitness/wellness professionals while maintaining the privacy of our users.

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