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Sinque is a proven and stress-free way for monitoring weight loss. A multi-sided platform  that  empowers fitness and wellness programs to improve outcomes of large health promotion programs.

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Weight is correlated with important diseases. In 2008, CDC research revealed a US healthcare cost of US$ 150 billion associated with obesity.

Today, on average, 55% of the workforce* needs to lose weight. In the US, obese adults spend 42% more on direct healthcare costs than adults who are a healthy weight.

* in the countries that we piloted or tested our solution, Brazil, USA, UK and The Netherlands

Sinque monitors the impact of behavior change.

Sinque "learns" and compares the weekly pattern of our natural weight fluctuation to forecast the weight range two weeks in the future.


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The Sinque AI-powered algorithm forecast the weight two weeks in advance, ending the frustration of short-term weighing results.


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Fitness/wellness professionals, automatically and based on medical science, personalize their remote programs to motivate their clients.

Data driven

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Sinque online reports reveal program adherence, the impact on a population health, and contribute to health programs' decision-making .

A multi-sided hardware/software solution.

Sinque is a hardware-software solution composed by aggregate reports, cloud computer system, artificial intelligence algorithms, numberless weight monitors for home and large traffic areas,  a mobile app, and a network of non-medical health providers that makes the difference.

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Sinque is a B2B-2C business

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Health Promotion Programs

Offers a more efficient network of fitness/wellness professionals, and have a tool to monitor the impact of their investments. 

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Fitness/Wellness Programs

Improves results from their clients and their business using a scientific tool that connects their work with  healthcare/health promotion programs

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“I started to use sinque after the explanation of my personal trainer. I like the idea to know my body weight in two weeks what makes me focus on my habits today. It is very motivating to see the needle changing to weight loss trend.”

Client - Personal Trainer

User: Rita Frazão, São Paulo, Brazil

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On our start, we signed LOIs that allow us to reach 900,000 people. Learn more about our company.
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