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Reaching milestones. What a good feeling!

What a month! And we still have one week to go!

  • Today, we did a major update on our mobile APP.

  • Scally now can have "her" screens updated remotely.

  • We reach our goal of €80K to start our LOI implementation.

  • Bruno, our head of marketing in Brazil, spent a week with us here

  • and my weight trend is losing weight 😄

The Netherlands and Brazilian team connecting
Bruno in The Netherlands (Kees, me and Bruno)

The funny thing is that we are so focused on delivering Sinque that we are not celebrating (well, maybe a beer 🍻.)

We are now working with nine prospects (7 in Brazil and 2 in The Netherlands.) The "good future problem" is that these clients combined have more than 1,000,000 people under their "umbrella." In different ways, these nine prospects offer health-related services to their population of clients.

Well, every journey starts with a step. In our case, after years of preparation, a small and very calculated step. We expect to have 200 active users until the end of March and sell 50 home monitors. Soon, we will be walking, then running, and finally jumping :)

Sinque and Scally in Mantris (BR)

Our goal is not very humble; at the end of 2021, to reach more than 50.000 households.

Let's Sinque!

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