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For Investors

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Thanks for your willing to invest in our company

As a doctor, almost 100% of my patients complained about scales and their numbers. Many times they gave up on their weight loss journeys because the numbers of the scales were not showing improvements. And somehow they were right:  weight requires to be measured as a dynamic parameter because our body weight can fluctuate 3 kg in one single day! So if a patient gains 2 kilos in two weeks, his or her weight  could still be within the natural weight fluctuation and trending in the right direction.

In 2015, I started to work on finding a solution for the problem of short term validation of weight loss.   It has been a long journey that involved 4,000 people that downloaded and tested our concept in Brazil, the US, and the Netherlands. We learned a lot with them and now, with your support, we are offering an improved and friendly version of  our solution, Sinque.

So, let's scale up and Sinque!

Best regards,

Renato Romani MD MBA

Founder | CEO

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