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we empower people to get healthy.

Creating awareness

​Scally is a piece of art and  technology. It will be installed in a large traffic area of companies, fitness center, meeting center...

  • It does not show numbers.

  • It allows users to measure their weight anytime, even when wearing clothes.

  • And automatically connect to the Sinque APP.

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Scally drives people to download Sinque app to monitor their weight without stress and to have access to:

  • a efficient network of fitness, wellness and health providers; 

  • discounts and vouchers to start different health related programs;

  • a personalized remote program.

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the impact

Our on-line reports reveal the impact of investments and help with decisions to improve the results of the programs. 

  • In real time, the BMI statistics of a population

  • The weight trend of a specific BMI group, two weeks in advance!

  • Monitor the BMI migration showing if the population is adopting health behaviors.

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“I show sinque to clients that I know could use the extra awareness of their own behavior. As soon as they hear about sinque they get really excited to use it immediately! One almost couldn’t believe it was real!”

Client - Dietician: Alisha Almaz

Den Haag, The Netherlands

“Using this new tool in a three month pilot we could realize an important difference when analyzing our results. Using numbers we had 23 of the 32 participants losing weight, using weight range we could say that just 6 people really lost weight. Therefore, a must have tool for a sustainable weight loss program. ”

Client – Workplace Wellness: SESI

Program coordinator, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Starting at € 139,00 per month
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