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Health Clubs & Fitness Centers

Between 60% to 80% of Health Club members are trying to lose weight.
Tracking weight as a number is difficult and does not reveal the impact of a behavior change.  This creates difficulties to health club staff when explaining the reason behind this  weight fluctuation.
Our innovation helps health clubs improve their relationship with more than 60% of their gym members; the ones that are trying to lose weight.
The differentiation in the health club market starts when the health club installs our "weight oscillation monitor" and invite their members to track their weight trend (not numbers!) and their dehydration after exercise.
Scally is our scale or "Weight Oscillation Monitor" to be installed in large traffic areas. This robust, numberless, wi-fi "weight oscillation monitor" offers an interaction with our users facilitating weight measurement (does not show numbers!), displays messages and revealing if the user is adequately hydrated.
Scally collaborates to attract more users to weight management solutions that the Health Club is offering.
Using our mobile application, our users find the right weight loss pace, tracking their weight trend and eliminating the resentment with numbers on scale.
Therefore, our users frequently monitor their weight, which drives the first behavior change towards better health.
This allows us to offer unique health reports about your health clubs population and collaborate with the staff to improve the relationship their members.
  • Members can track their weight trend, instead of the fluctuation of numbers.  This helps members see the impact of their effort to lose weight easily.

  • Members can see their weight trend projected 2 weeks into the future to see if their current exercise and diet is helping them achieve their goal in real time!​

  • Scally helps members to monitor their dehydration after exercise, improving their exercise performance.

  • My Easy Weight App improves the relationship between health clubs and their members.

  • Clubs can easily track their populations health parameters. Data can be used to improve and tailor services and offers to members.

Scally is a real differentiation for your club. It is less expensive than new equipment. It is the health and wellness of your members.
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