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Connecting healthcare with fitness and wellness by empowering people to have a healthier lifestyle.

Health Clubs & Fitness Centers

Between 60% to 80% of Health Club members are trying to lose weight.
Learn how sinque will improves results with a lower investment.

A 15 second interaction a day that keeps obese and overweight people motivated and connected to fitness providers.

We are revolutionizing the way to track weight.

Based on medical and behavior science, our solution eliminates frustration and anxiety with scales and improves weight loss results.

Medical Science 

FACT: On the scale today, you can be heavier than two weeks ago but still be losing weight.

The natural weight fluctuation caused by the fluids in our body hides the real weight trend. The combination of our medical algorithms and A.I. allow us to learn the pattern of weekly weight fluctuation and recognize the impact of behavior change on this patterns. As a result our solution is capable to predict, two weeks in advance, the future weight range.

The frustration with an absence of short term information about the weight loss success reduces the intrinsic motivation to maintain the discipline on weight loss process.
Tracking weight as a number is difficult and does not reveal the impact of a behavior change.  This creates difficulties to health club staff when explaining the reason behind this  weight fluctuation.
Our innovation helps health clubs improve their relationship with more than 60% of their gym members; the ones that are trying to lose weight.
The differentiation in the health club market starts when the health club installs our "weight oscillation monitor" and invite their members to track their weight trend (not numbers!) and their dehydration after exercise.
On our APP, users experience weight as a trend instead of a number.
  • Our solution translates current behaviors into a forward looking weight trend.
  • This avoids the confrontation with scales, increasing the number of times that people step on the scale.
  • Improving weight loss results, as proven by medical science researches.
Our IoT devices to facilitate data collection.
  • Our numberless weight monitors attract more users.
  • Users measure their weight wearing clothes.
  • Our IoT devices are interactive and provide information to our users.

The actual smart scales in the market are using a technology that offer an inconsistent error creating difficulties to generate reports about population BMI and weight trend. Read more about bio-electrical impedance and our method.

Fitness Centers and workplace wellness have our scale in place for a monthly fee what gives them access to:
  • population reports,
  • communication package - using our APP and scales,
  • IoT scales.
Beta Phase (4 pilots and 1 client)
  • 3 countries (Brazil, USA, Netherlands)
  • 8 IoT scales
  • 2,000 users

Testemonial of our scales in a Fitness Studio in The Netherlands

First Client
Competition Health Club
(Sao Paulo, 8.000 members, 4 units)​
  • 83% of recurrent users
  • 39% is losing weight
  • 53% are obese or overweight
  • Renewing our contract to expand our operations
Our reports reveal the weight trend of users inside BMI groups (obese, overweight, adequate and underweight.) An information that measures the impact of wellness programs in a population.
With our numberless home weight monitor, fitness centers reach users and their family members.
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