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Intelligent Health Promotion

Intelligent Solutions

Our flexible and seamless health monitoring solutions provide analytics to enhance existing health promotion programs while not interfering with existing processes. We help companies monitor ROI and achieve results like: reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs while maintaining our users privacy.
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Seamless integration

Our AI-based health assessment and monitoring mobile applications seamlessly integrate with existing health promotion programs. It monitors the impact of health promotion programs in a population: by age group, gender, chronic diseases, and other health and lifestyle profiles while preserving user privacy.

Preferred Network of Health Professionals

Our solutions include a preferred network of fitness/wellness professionals, including nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness centers, and health clubs. These professionals focus on adherence and retention using our IoT monitoring devices and Business.
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Data Analytics

Our assessment and monitoring program is connected to our or your B.I. that provides real-time data analytics by population and overall program results. Our health promotion program metrics can be combined with health insurance claims to improve health program success and ROI.
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