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WOA (weight oscillation algorithm) is a result of years of researching on human weight and it is the core of our numberless weight management international patent. 
Our tool  is designed to detect and analyze the fluctuations on total weight that our organism generates during our day to day activities.
Our algorithm is capable of learning the individual pattern of our weight fluctuations, as well as detect changes on this pattern. These changes are related to behavior, sickness, and clinical conditions.
Numberless weight management APP
Avoiding the frustration of numbers, weight loss or gain is translated using the needle of the change-o-meter.

Weight fluctuations are translated into small moves of the needle, avoiding the frustration with scale read-out numbers.

Users impact their weight trend by making small adjustments to their behavior. To lose weight, a user needs to maintain the needle in the green, which is the weight loss trend.

"Peso Fácil" is the My Easy Weight translation for Portuguese speakers.

Visit our website: www.myeasyweight.com and download our mobile application.

Our numberless weight oscillation monitor.
Scally collaborates to attract more users to our population's health management solutions. It recognizes our users by their QR code available on our mobile application, and asks users what they are wearing to account for the weight of clothes and shoes.
Scally offers simple messages about diet and health every time the user steps on it, which can be customized for our clients.
When used in an exercise environment our scales reveal if the user is adequately hydrated.
The frequent interaction of our users with our numberless WiFi scales and mobile application generates information that  motivates them to take actions towards a better health.