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Our mission is to make more people active, happy and healthy.
The complexity to acquire and analyze people's health parameters, associated with the difficulty to make this information useful to drive behavior change is a problem for the healthcare and fitness industry around the world. We are simplifying science and technology to solve this problem. We started by focusing in one of the most important medical parameters; weight. 
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Our motivation

By motivating people to continuously take actions towards healthier lifestyle we are contributing to the improvement of different aspects of our society .

Common Believes
  • Healthy lifestyle is crucial for a happy and long life;

  • Each individual is responsible for his/her health;

  • Proved medical and behavior science are fundamental pieces to develop any solution for health prevention, wellness and fitness.

  • A simple and enjoyable interaction with health parameters can reduce people's barriers to take an action towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Honesty and Integrity 

  • Passion and Inspiration

  • Fun and fun 

  • Creativity and Innovation 

  • Family and Balance

  • Work in a team as a team member

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Solution's concept development

Our solutions will touch and change lives, therefore we need to have a scientific responsibility and always be honest with our clients and users. Please, have a look on this material The Hippocratic Oath Today

The combination of these four components express our concept and drives the development of our solutions.

1) Scientific Analyses

Easy Way to Health methodology is based on sports medicine and exercise physiology.  We consider that health parameters frequently change because of external and internal factors. Following scientific standards, we track the frequency of health parameters' oscillation to define a range that can be monitored and predicted. From this analysis, we offer a comprehensive diagnostic and prognostic to our users as an Intrinsic Information.

2) Information about health (Intrinsic Information)
This information is related to the intrinsic motivation of our users. In our minds, health is related to our survival. Therefore the knowledge about health diagnostics and prognostics motivates people to take actions. We always will need to be careful with the impact of our intrinsic information. It needs to drive our users to take action with a positive effect on their health.

3) External content (Extrinsic Information)

Health parameters are a powerful element to motivate people to take actions towards a healthier lifestyle, but it is not enough. Our society offers products and services that can convince individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, we provide them to our users but taking care to avoid the ones that harmful. 

4) Interaction
Our products offer a helpful, friendly and straightforward experience combining "Intrinsic Information" and  "Extrinsic Information." Because the combination of these two is essential to motivate people to change behavior.

Commercial activity

The actual demand for services and products in health prevention is creating a worldwide billion dollar market. With more people using the healthcare system because of the continuity of not healthier habits, more and more solutions are needed.

Our products offer unique propositions to motivate people to improve their health. As a consequence our solutions reduce healthcare prevention costs, increases the efficiency of these programs but also with a quantified metric that proves that investments in health prevention/wellness are worthwhile.

"Without any question, what makes our company is our team.
In a startup world, in this early stage, our demands are so high that I don't have words to describe these brave people that believes not only in me, but on the company's vision.
Together we are creating a new way to track people's health.
Let's Sinque!"
Renato Romani MD MBA
Connect with me through LinkedIn
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